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Modern Group Ranka is a legend industrialist from India. The founder of this group is Mr.H.S Ranka which is now managed by Mr. Sachin Ranka.The reason of continuity in the textile industry's because of relevance of the consumers. Sustainability may and will therefore become an important benchmark and competitive advantage for the manufacturers in the textile industry.

Now Modern Group Ranka has been working in 4 divisions Modern Insulators, Modern Woolen, Modern Terry Towels, and Modern Denim.

Modern Group Ranka has a huge team but who made modern group ranka as a brand name:-

  • Mr.H.S.Ranka (Owner and Founder)
  • Shri.Sachin Ranka (Chairman & MD, Modern Insulators Limited)
  • Mr.Rajesh Ranka (Chairman & MD of Modern Threads))
  • Mr.Kamal Ranka (Chairman & MD of Modern Syntex )

They are the people who build Modern Group Ranka.


  • To be the leading establishment in fashion, textiles and style
  • To be a top denim manufacture in the India & on the globe with the maintaining the best quality and commitment with customers & clients.


  • To satisfy and meet customer's expectation by developing and maintaining products and service on time, which offer value in terms of Quality, Price and style.
  • The company sets a high level of performance and aims to maintain a long-run leadership position in the textile market.
  • To develop the project with advanced technology.
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