Our Products & Services

Rapid Investments extends LAP for the purposes of home construction, home extension/improvement and MSME finance against the borrower’s primary residence. The company works only with registered title deeds, providing funding at an average interest rate of 24%. The loans vary from 2-10 lacs, tenure of 3-7 years and do not exceed 40% of the market value of the pledged collateral. The company has an iron-clad legal, technical and FI process and hires only the best talent in the industry

Company has well-trained staff having local market expertise to guide the customers and to understand the market scenario. Company is quite strong in rural and semi urban areas of Rajasthan. The Company remains very closely connected to the customers through their personalized methodology of meeting the customers through their marketing and customer support staff.  

Most of the customers of Company are engaged in agriculture and allied activities, small businesses and transportation of goods and passengers. Business model of the Company is socially inclusive as it helps customers who are at the lower end of Income pyramid to grow by providing loans to them based on their future earning capacity. Company’s focus is on servicing customers who are self-employed.

Company complies with all KYC norms and it meticulously follows prudential norms applicable to NBFC as stipulated by RBI and fulfills the compliance of Code of Conduct.